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Professional Septic System Repairs in Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Efficient Repairs, Lasting Results

Has your septic system stopped functioning? If so, try to resist the temptation to replace it entirely before consulting with us first as we could save you a significant amount of money through repair alternatives. From diagnostics to the actual repair work, our technicians can assess and address any damages to get your system back up to snuff in no time.
Al’s Septic Tank Service has been providing fast repair services for both residential and commercial customers since 1987. We know that when you need repairs, you need them immediately, but we don’t compromise our quality in the process. When you choose us for your septic system repair, you can expect results that will last well throughout the years.

What to Look For

It’s important to know the signs of septic system failure to prevent expensive problems in the first place and to keep them from worsening over time. Many business owners and new homeowners end up having to pay through the nose for repairs and replacements simply because of their lack of knowledge about septic systems. Al’s Septic Tank Service is here to help you know the signs that you need a repair.
Puddles are one of the best indicators that your septic system has a problem. These pools will appear along the drain field or near your underground pipes. You may also notice that your shower, tub or sink drains are draining slowly or making gurgling sounds. This is because the septic system can’t keep up with the amount of water going into it.
Unfortunately, septic system failure is often accompanied by a foul smell from the tank itself, from the drain field, or even from within the house in the case of a backup. If the odor is detectable inside your home, call us as soon as you can, as sewage inside the house is a health hazard and leads to expensive repairs.

Request Our Repairs

Regardless of your septic system problem, Al’s Septic Tank Service has all the tools, knowledge and experience to provide the needed repairs. We will do everything we can to prevent the need for a new system. Count on us for professional service at an unbeatable price. Call us today.